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Monday, 26 July 2010

Gasp. Catching a breath...

It's been ages since the last post. A ton of things have happened, such as my daughter being duped by some perv bribe artist on MSN - sorry microsoft but your reaction and help was crap.

The bike is finished and research into licenses, storage facilities, food hygiene goes from necessity into ......YAWN! Troubles with transport to move the bike have created pauses in which carting the damned thing to the end of my road for a trial run while our village fete was on, showed me that, yes, it has to be the seaside. And the seaside, in small portions, don't want us too near their turf.

Have I had time to write a single thing.. yeah erm no. Plain and simple answer. Questions about my calling have concluded I'm pretty much useless at applying myself to anything I dont have absolute power over. Please, goddess of literature inspire me!!!!!!!!