An Author in Progress

This is where you'll find me trying to mould myself into a respectable writer - it may take sometime...
You'll find anything from a piece of experimental creative writing, some thoughts on my novel developments, to even the occasional literature-based academic paper.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

What have I done!?

So there's this ice cream bike - trike - whatever it is and two days ago off I went to walk the route we hope to move our dairy dealing extravaganza around. It's sooooo lonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg......augh!
I am ashamedly unfit, I think to myself that eve, and so I endeavoured yesterday to reprogramme my crap muscular ability. If biking be the job, then biking be the mode of excercise and you would think it makes sense.

Unflattering short leggings, a fully charged Ipod, a beautiful sunny day, a bottle of water and a best buddy. All excellent ingredients for a recipe to success. Why on earth I thought I could do five hours is obviously the same sensible part of my brain that said, 'Yes let's buy an ice-cream bike!' By hour four I wished solely for a high speed vehicle to plough into me and save me.

I'm not even gonna talk about how sore my bum is....

Friday, 23 April 2010

Real life weirdness - a mildly rusted blip between elements of conception

It's mad when your life does something weird to you. Like being tango'd. I drive by a bike shop with my boyfriend, stop to check out our great local bike shop and end up putting a deposit on what could be my summer job.
I did not think this would be it, but I have peddled my way into the bizarre world of the victoriana, via a deckchair brolly and an ice cream trike...
Sleepless moments where I see nothing but rechargeable mobile freezers, bicycle paint and mad sea-side costumes. If this doesn't work I won't need a 99 cone to know I'm the flake!

I think there may be ample opportunity to think on a plot based around summer holidays and the dark kitsch of a seaside on the edge of recession... hmm

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Contractions: Birth of a novel, part one (conception)

Okay, it's day one of blogging for this girl... anyone got any stabilisers?

I have decided this is the beginning of my project, my tentative steps into the ambitious world of the novelist. My aim is to use this space as a narcissitic diary of my Aristotelian arcs in macro and micro, so I apologise very Britishly if it gets dull.

By the time I next post, I shall endeavour to tread into the mirky world of characterisation. Researching teenage protagonists has got me thinking on the gender disabilities allowed our masculine counterparts with new eyes.

Wish me luck.....