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Saturday, 24 April 2010

What have I done!?

So there's this ice cream bike - trike - whatever it is and two days ago off I went to walk the route we hope to move our dairy dealing extravaganza around. It's sooooo lonnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg......augh!
I am ashamedly unfit, I think to myself that eve, and so I endeavoured yesterday to reprogramme my crap muscular ability. If biking be the job, then biking be the mode of excercise and you would think it makes sense.

Unflattering short leggings, a fully charged Ipod, a beautiful sunny day, a bottle of water and a best buddy. All excellent ingredients for a recipe to success. Why on earth I thought I could do five hours is obviously the same sensible part of my brain that said, 'Yes let's buy an ice-cream bike!' By hour four I wished solely for a high speed vehicle to plough into me and save me.

I'm not even gonna talk about how sore my bum is....

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