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Friday, 23 April 2010

Real life weirdness - a mildly rusted blip between elements of conception

It's mad when your life does something weird to you. Like being tango'd. I drive by a bike shop with my boyfriend, stop to check out our great local bike shop and end up putting a deposit on what could be my summer job.
I did not think this would be it, but I have peddled my way into the bizarre world of the victoriana, via a deckchair brolly and an ice cream trike...
Sleepless moments where I see nothing but rechargeable mobile freezers, bicycle paint and mad sea-side costumes. If this doesn't work I won't need a 99 cone to know I'm the flake!

I think there may be ample opportunity to think on a plot based around summer holidays and the dark kitsch of a seaside on the edge of recession... hmm

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