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Saturday, 23 October 2010


Wow, I am totally drained. Have had very little time for conception of the novel because of my part in our editorial team. I really loved the reviewing and searching out Christmas suggestions for reading gifts. It was also great to revisit Thai'd Up (a novel in progress)and be able to be distanced enough to see where it needed reworking - and also where I can take it. Very cool.

My PC has decided it doesn't want to play the editorial game. My brain is also saying, 'Art and technology are incompatible in your mental database'. My brain is absolutely right.

Having waited all week for someone to submit a proposal of artwork for the front cover of edition one of Solent's Friction magazine of fiction, I have ended up having to hurl something out. Fun for five minutes until I realised how long it has been since I considered Art for graphic design purposes... I remember why I hated typography so much.

Having spent time researching academic psychology papers I discovered some amazing treats about the super ego. My antagonist has another dimension now too.


  1. I love the super ego, ego and id. Doing research in this area can be very revealing. Have you read The Lord of the Flies? Great book with some good insights to the id, super ego and ego. My horror novel deals with all this stuff, on some levels. I always want to give stuff away, but you will really like it. Good luck on your novel and NaNo. I hope things calm down on the work front. Have a wonderful day and I'm glad to be following.

  2. Thanks tons for commenting.
    We have indeed just revisited Lord of the Flies with Alex Garland's The Beach, at university. I absolutely love these books - how they examine the same setting and psychological circumstances, but with a totally different objective. It's all tied up in Jean Baudrillard's notion of the Simulacrum, where the cultural value of the copy supercedes the original.
    My lecturer just gifted me a copy of JM Ballantyne's The Coral Island (a 19th century work of fiction - one of the first castaway stories) so i can't wait to read it! First I have to tear it away from my boyfriend who discovered it when he was in Thailand.

    I look forward to reading yours! I hope there's a Simon (from Lord of..) character in there? He is for me the most interesting of them all