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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Short story break-out

Seems that I am not destined to write short stories. Guess that's why I'm studying 'Writing the Novel' as part of my course.

All I've done with 'Mulled Chrsitmas' is springboard into yet another long plot! My daughter read this last night and wants more, so Im knocked out.

Have already started working the back story into some kind of order. There are several scenes, and feelings that circulate that I need to put down sometime soon. There's also a binary time strand combination beginning to form, so that's not hugely helpful when I have a novel to kind of finish for workshopping in January.

I'm definately on the road to Insanity (that place just West of Momentarily Confused). I even thought I had blogged this already and then logged on to find, nope - not here! In writing the plots for fiction I seem to be losing grasp of my own.

By the time I've graduated I will have enough ideas to keep me going for a good few years.

The magazine is finally launched. Hooray. And yes, Draven Ames, we are happy to accept an overseas submission for consideration. I'm still trying to get the notion to my team that being online in some capacity could be helpful - even if it's just podcasts audio versions for people with sight impairments. Fingers crossed. We even have someone wanting to represent us which is kind of cool. Someone just starting out, so it's something we'll have to debate as a magazine.


  1. That is really cool. Congratulations on someone wanting to represent you. I hope you are able to finish up the novel you are working on. You can't learn it all in a class though. Just write and read, as cliche as it is.

    Thank you for all your reads. I hope you have a wonderful day,

    Draven Ames

  2. Thanks Draven

    You're absolutely right. Can be really reductive in one sense in a seminar setting. Yet in another not. Second stage development is great in this space.

    Im not sure if I'm ready for representation yet. And this particular person is only just starting out too.

    Once you get to that point there's a slip into being slotted into a category. Marketing takes over, and I want to know where I'm strongest before I get to that. I really enjoy writing ladlit, but don't know. Torn!

    It's like saying what type of food would i like to eat for the rest of forever!

    You have a great day too!